Are statistics trustworthy? I’ve heard that statistics can be controlled and manipulated according to who is funding the research. I don’t know if that’s true but my question today is; should we put our intentions, our hopes, our dreams on hold because of what statistics say?

According to statistics there is only 2% of the population that create a life of their dreams. Does this mean that rest of the populace are destined to become just another cog in the wheel?

For the past 2 years I’ve been in a state of flux, limbo…going through the change…transmuting, there are many things I’ve learned about myself and it appears I fit into a lot of small boxes.

One thing is being a Highly Sensitive Personality, a trait that was identified by Dr Elaine Aron. Her studies indicate that HSP’s make up 15-20% of the population and they are thought to have a more finely tuned nervous system. To others Sensitives “care too much” or maybe “think too much”…most people will never know the heartache of seeing/feeling/ hearing the pain or self-defeating actions and words of others. How crazy to feel like an alien in a world that appears to thrive on competition…a game you don’t comprehend. How foolish to believe you have the solution to the world’s problems and no one wants to hear.

Then there is learning kinesthetically…evidently this makes up about 5% of the population, learning by doing rather than reading or listening to lectures. No wonder I never did well in school, I barely graduated. In the ‘70’s you either finished school or you became a dropout, there weren’t many options. My only solution was to endure the boredom and get passing grades…and yet recently a couple of people have told me I’m the smartest person they know???.

I also identify with being a Scanner, a name coined by Barbara Sher. “You’ve got too many interests. You can’t do them all”, “Oh not another one of your half-baked schemes”… But according to a website I found “You don’t have to choose or settle down or stop wandering. You can design a life that suits your multi-talented, curious nature.  And you don’t need to feel weird or isolated any more. There are other people in the world who understand you because they are scanners too.”

Statistics say women of my age are stressed about  money, retirement, their health…all the stuff money can buy. Statistics say I should be heavily medicated after suffering from ptsd; the result of years living under the crazy making control of a world I’ve never felt comfortable in. Statistics also say that I am a perfect target for narcissists, sociopaths and pervs…yayyy me…I don’t care anymore I am tired of living in fear of others…

I want to live in a world surrounded by people who ask “What IF?” rather than only see “what is”. According to the laws of attraction, if it’s in my heart, it will become a reality…all I need to do is believe it will happen and wait on divine timing.

Why can’t I live in a world surrounded by peaceful people? People who are tired of living with drama. People that want to take responsibility for their own bodies and minds. People willing to give up the words and thoughts that tell them they aren’t good enough. People that are willing to look outside their own paradigms, their own boxes of limitations.

Where are the people who want to start searching outside of the fears that others have placed on them? Where are the dreamers? Where are the believers? It would be so much easier to take of my mask if they would too…is it too much to ask for world peace? According to the statistics I am the odd man out, the strange one…I AM different and I LOVE me that way.

…if someone tells a lie long enough, people will believe it. If they can convince you that you are safe in the box you will stay, you will trust they have your best interest at heart. They have the power to control you in many ways; the media, your food, your water, your health, your time, your fears…you will become their sheeple….

My theme for 2014 is, “SCREW STATISTICS!!! I’m ready to live my Fantasy”