Sitting in the early morning drizzle, it’s the first rain of the Monsoon…cool drops of water on my face, the smell of greasewood in the air and thinking about the funicular time yesterday… wondering how many times spellcheck has taken others to another dimension.

For me it was a made up word full of wonderment, excitement and fun…and then he texts me, “funicular is a great word but actually means something pulled by or pulling with a cable. Like a winch or capstan.”

He tells me he is definitely not HSP, “I actually crave overwhelming sensory input. I believe we talked about that yesterday. Driving too fast, heading into instead of away from dangerous acts. Enjoying the silence of crowds. Etcetera etcetera infinitum…”

Duhhh did I ever tell you that sometimes I miss the important stuff? Then he poses a question:

“Why does a sparrow perch in the maternal nest of a bird of prey?”

This huMAN definitely gets an upper case in my life:

ME: “thought provoking…will tell you later. Need to hear funicular used in a sentence…it’s starting to become a story”

HIM: “I took the funicular train high up the precipice. Heart pounding with every turn of winch to cable thinking it would certainly fail and leave me at the mercy of gravity.”

ME: ”OK that’s good…what about on an energetic level…I’m trying to describe it as a pull from the universe. Of course my story isn’t infused with the adrenaline you are describing…but then I am feeling that elation in the sparrow.”

As I’m contemplating this pull I get a vision of a dream he shared with me…maybe it’s a pull from the matrix I see:

ME: “and the blue cord or was it a ribbon?…I see it having some significance also….LOL you’ve given me a lot of inspiration this morning thanx”

HIM: “The soul pulls relentlessly toward the nexus with funicular spirals until the cord is taught and we are at last free.”

ME: “once the cord is taught I see the scissors cutting it thus freeing the soul”

HIM: “Scary. That’s what I thought”

ME: “I like scary…and freaky too LOL”

He was my first real date in almost 40 years. Lunch turned into walking and hanging around town until after 5. The first man ever to start a conversation about saponification…he makes soap and a plethora of other things I’ve done before. It was good, I’m sure I’ll see him again. I’m fantasizing about going to work with him one day to his current job…riding in a helicopter to Havasupai…

I’m pretty sure he has visions of me in his fantasy too. Well I know he has visions, especially after I received the text, “You are weird enough to keep my attention”…yea I AM weird…it feels good knowing that someone appreciates the weird in me…


One thought on “FUNICULAR TIMES

  1. Little Sis,
    I will have to keep the dictionary on the headboard just to read your posts. LOL The Pocket Oxford Dictionary to be exact. I am sure wiki can describe the words you use but my laptop is old and slow. Gotta go with printed media here.
    Sounds like things went well for a first date for a 17 year old. And yes, Dr. Seuss knows what he is talking about when it comes to weird.
    Nice post.

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