Where are they?

Twice since I’ve been back from Mexico I was able to express to a couple friends about the past hurts I’ve had and I just realized both of them gave me basically the same message…”that is how “those” people are, “they” will always be that way. I don’t allow “them” to affect my life and you shouldn’t either. You just have to ignore “them” because that is just the way most people are”…Am I really just “too sensitive”???

Why should I be feeling shame over this? Why should I be the one to once again contract and ignore the bad behavior of others? Shouldn’t “they” learn to be more aware of how their actions affect not just me but others like me? Shouldn’t “they” be more conscious that their words can hurt?

But then again, who can blame them? From childhood they were told things like, “Sticks and stones will break my bones but names will never hurt me”. LIES LIES LIES!!! It’s all a LIE and to continue perpetuating the lie that we can say and do whatever we want without hurting others only gives unconscious others permission to continue overpowering human souls.

Why can’t “they” change? Maybe “they” need to know that others pick up on the subtleties of their actions or words…maybe “they” should be aware that “they” need to start focusing on how “they” disrupt the energy of others by “their” inconsiderate expressions. Maybe “they” need to reverse that mirror…Who are “they” anyway?

My belief is that they are the zombies…they abuse their power and hurt others because someone told them to look outside for validation…I want to hurt them back by exposing their lies, I’m tired of seeing humans hurt…I see it happening in my own family and I guess that is who I really want to save right now…but how? I need to do something….anything as a show of force…what will couch surfing accomplish? I feel like Captain Dan in the masthead daring God to take something else away that isn’t serving my highest good…besides my kids I don’t see anything else that really matters in life anymore…they are good people and I BELIEVE they will follow once they see life working FOR ME…that’s OK. Hawaii is always an option too…my breaking point is over, I have no control and just learning to coast right now.

I know I am not the only one that feels this way. Where are the sensitive ones that like me, are tired of this game? Where are the ones that like me, feel the duality and separation, the inconsistencies and unfairness? Where are the kindred spirits that feel the contrasts of life? It would be so much easier to connect with someone that understands what I feel. Life might make more sense if I could connect with others that feel as deeply as me, humans that validate my feelings…I’m not looking for perfection, just souls with open hearts and a willingness to believe that thoughts, words and beliefs become reality.

Maybe WE ALL need to wake up and learn how to effectively navigate this journey of life…maybe WE need to start living life through our hearts rather than our heads. Maybe WE need to question the world around us and start working on living a life of our dreams…it can’t be just ME…

My DESIRE today is to create a world where linear and lateral thinkers can unite. How can this be possible?


6 thoughts on “KINDERED SPIRITS

  1. Little Sister,
    You were broken in order to rebuild yourself in a new and better way. Focus on the you, meditate, seek out advise from a mystic, whatever you wish that helps rebuild you.
    Be safe and know we are here beside you.

  2. When I get to feeling this way, I say this prayer.

    “May I hold strong to Who I Am as the world rushes around me and through me,
    In the world but not of the world, and ever mindful.

    May I walk with balance and confidence among the misunderstanding ones,
    Knowing my strength comes from within.

    May I walk in silence between the spaces with a purity of purpose,
    And between the seconds and the heartbeats, and know.

    May I continually seek out others like myself, kindred spirits,
    Listening for the echo of the Empath.

    May I be a beacon of light to the struggling ones
    Until they can shine with their own light.

    May I not forget that transformation
    Is the reward of EFFORT.

    May I feel with total awareness.
    May I know beyond words.
    May I see with my heart.”

    ~ Author Unknown

  3. Fair warning: I’m not only one of those icky male things, but a 49-year-old icky male thing that has been around several blocks several times and has kicked the butt of deep despair, which now resides in my doghouse and gives me kissies when I bring it a bowl of kibble. And I’m cerebral by nature, not much prone to emotion, and firmly convinced that feeling is not a substitute for reason. Why? Because feelings lead a person astray far more than thinking does. None of us can help being the way we are, so I don’t blame you for anything or cast aspersions, but it’s obvious that your very nature exhausts and enervates you and makes your life hell. That, to me, is not a recommendation that I get in touch with my feelings. It’s more incentive for me to make sure my feelings remain subordinate and obey my mind rather than the other way around. Thanks for posting your blog entry and giving me the opportunity to say this.

    • Thanx Kheleya,
      I am honored you responded to my post. I respect your perspective. As an Empath I am a feeling being…I denied it for over half a century and life is finally making sense to me. I believe it’s time for the linear and laterals to unite 🙂 My fantasy feels much better than the realities I see ❤

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